A question on Lambda ZapII clones?

ronald goto rgoto at smtplink.coh.org
Fri Jun 30 11:09:34 EST 1995

>When I was sequencing the cDNA clones from Uni-Zap XR library, I found that

>several clones share the same small stretch of nucleotides GGCACGAG after 
>EcoRI site. Theoretically, all the DNA between EcoRI and XhoI is the cDNA 
>insert. So I am just wondering why there is this strech of nuceotides.
>If anybody happened to see this kind of things before or know what
>is going on, offer your help please.

>Thank you for your attention.

>biolc4 at jetson.uh.edu 
apparently you made you cDNA via stratagene kit, if you check the Eco R1 
linker has that sequence, so your cDNA start after that sequence. 

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