HELP with glcyerol-tolerant sequencing gels

Jeffrey Mahr szjmahr at
Fri Jun 30 09:40:49 EST 1995

	I have been using Amersham's Sequenase kit and recently 
prediluted my enzyme as the they recommend.  As a consequence I now need 
to use glycerol-tolerant gel buffer (contains Taurine).  My problem is 
that when I pour my gels using this buffer the gel "shrinks" as it 
polymerizes,  sometimes to the point of bveing ragged on the bottom. When 
run at 50 degrees these gels seem to rapidly shrink away from the comb - 
to the point of not being able to run a second load after running the 
first for four hours.  I am running the gel at constant power (40W) and 
following the Amersham directions exactly.  Ialso noted that when I used 
Fisher Urea the gel "shrunk"almost 1/4 of the way down(as opposed to 
using ICN Ultra-pure Urea)

	Has anybody seen anything like this please email me directly or 
postto this group. Thanks in advance.

sincerly - jamahr at
"hey man, you broke my record."

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