phoA fusion vectors

Dr. G. Koraimann koraimann at
Fri Jun 30 02:07:50 EST 1995

Dear Netters!
I am looking desperately for a source of phoA fusion vectors. Especially
I would be interested in a good and versatile phoA fusion vector like the pMG 
plasmid series from the M.A.Lovett UCLA laboratory, described in Giladi et al. 
(1993) J Bacteriol 175: 4129-4136 or a derivative thereof. Also  KS330r- would 
be a great help. We are interested in a protein which seems to be a virulence 
determinant in conjugative plasmids, T-DNA transfer and other macromolecular 
transport systems. It probably encodes a lytic transglycosylase and therefore 
must go accross the cytoplasmic membrane to function. A hydrophobic N-terminal 
sequence is present but without a signal peptidase I cleavage site which 
suggests together with other studies that the sequence acts both as a 
transport promoter and an anchor. Studies with phoA fusions would therefore 
help us very much in evaluating our previous results. 
Thanks for your help !

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