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Trevor Charles charles at
Fri Jun 30 13:47:36 EST 1995

rgoto at (ronald goto) wrote:
>has this happen to anyone before? our stock solution of X-gal is 100 ug/ml 
>in DMF and we dilute as we need it,  well a new student dituled it in water, I 
>can not see any ppt but it did freeze solid at -20 C (clue for me it wasn't in 
>DMF) question is? is it any good??? thanks in advance, post or e-mail. Sorry 
>about the first post, hands are quicker than the brain.
>Ronald Goto
>Mol Biochem
>rgoto at 

Could it be that the student made up the stock solution in DMSO? We routinely make our X-gal stocks in DMSO, rather than DMF. DMSO is, of course, solid at -20.

Trevor Charles
Department of Natural Resource Sciences
McGill University

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