mol genet forensic "bible"?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Wed Mar 1 04:41:11 EST 1995

Any suggestions for lab manuals, workshop manuals (Cold Spring Harbor 
series, etc) that we can use in curriculum that we're setting up for a 
molecular genetics technology course this summer?

Mol genet applications & techniques will be main focus. 

We'd particularly (but NOT exclusively) like some input from 
workers/researchers in forensic field.

Will be 10 weeks in course (2-3 hours lectures daily and 3-4 hours labs).

Intended for technicians/technologists & scientists with competent "lab 

We intend this course to continue/evolve into full semester/year program 
(witness its birth as I write this  :^).

I'm getting publishers to send samples to our administrator.

We'll be contacting all major scientific (biology) publishers.

... anybody in FBI labs care to throw in 2 cents worth?

Many thanks


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