To Dave Gilbert (sorry, others may ignore this)

Tracy Aquilla aquilla at
Wed Mar 1 13:59:42 EST 1995

>By the way, I wonder if you could do me a big favor. You are the second
>person who has had trouble responding to me, while others have no problem.
>Could you somehow send me a copy of the error message that you receive when
>you try to reply.  My FAX number is (315) 464-8750 and my phone is 464-8723
>(leave a message) or use the newsgroup.  I would greatly appreciate it as I
>would hate to miss any messages.
>Dave Gilbert
>Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
>SUNY Health Science Center
>750 E. Adams St.
>Syracuse, N.Y. 13210
>Tel:(315) 464-8723
>FAX:(315) 464-8750

    Thanks for the details. The email problem may be with my domain name
server. I don't think it can recognize the name/number mix in your address.
When I send the message, I get an alert which says:
"unknown host or domain: gilbertd at". Good luck with it.

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