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Wed Mar 1 18:23:47 EST 1995

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> >Greetings,
> >     Is anyone out there using green flourescent protein, GFP, plasmids?
> >I've heard a little about them and am curious about their use.
> >                        Thanks....John
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> Dr. Martie Chalfie (sorry for spelling) reported Feb. issu of Science.
> However, he does not distribute the plasmid any more.
> You can contact Clonetech. They sell several modified clones.
> -----
> Anyway, Does anybody know if Dr. Charlfie's clone TU#65 have Kozak' sequence?

No it doesn't. 

Has anyone got Clontech's pGFP-N1 or any of their other GFP expression
vector to work? Anyone tried it in non-transformed cell lines? I'm
getting nothing whatsoever. Help.

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