small microfuges/quick spins?

Andre Hamel hamel at
Wed Mar 1 18:01:27 EST 1995

I recall having seen advertisements for inexpensive ($100 - $200), small 
microcentrifuges for spinning 6 tubes ... low speed (2,000 x g).

Simply for QUICK spinning samples just to get liquid to bottom of tube.

Anybody (everybody) out there have such beasts ... could you email me 
with manufacturer/vendor, & approx cost?

We're in need of 3 such small microfuges ... Stratagene sells PICOFUGE, 
but at $550 (Canadian currency) is a bit too pricy for us.

Thank much,

  Andre Hamel                      email: hamel at
  Manitoba Government                         tel: 204/945-7630
  Department of Agriculture                   FAX: 204/945-8062
  Veterinary Services Branch          
  Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA 

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