Need mice in Dallas, TX area

Wed Mar 1 14:30:01 EST 1995

Forgive me if you've seen this before, but I don't think my first effort got

My budget is a typical basket case for a small university.  I am in dire
need of a mere 10 or so healthy, generic mice to complete a graduate
students project.  The $1.89 each from Harlan is quite reasonable, it's the
$60 shipping I can't quite stomach (I'd hesitate at that even if I had too
much money).  I'm located just 60 minutes from LBJ and could easily come get
any mice if someone has a few extras they could give away or even sell at a
good price.

Gordon Betts
Biology Dept.
East Texas State University
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
Life is like a bowl of stew, you need to stir things up once in a while so 
the scum doesn't rise to the top.
      Author unknown

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