P1 phage query

hodges bradley l segdoh at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Wed Mar 1 13:36:33 EST 1995

Instead of screening a library yourself, you may want to try Genome 
Systems P1 screening service (if they have your type of library).  You 
provide PCR primers for them and they'll deliver at least one P1 clone in 
8-10 working days for $995 (cheap).  You may save a lot of time, money 
and headaches having them do it. 1-800-430-0080.  Do not use BIOS 
laboratories P1 screening service.

On 1 Mar 1995, Ann Schofield wrote:

> Does anyone have a P1 phage library that we can have some of to screen
> ourselves for our region of interest?
> Or, is anyone interested in isolating a P1 clone for us in a collaborative 
> manner? or we would consider paying you to isolate a clone.
> Ann (University of Otago) 

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