Plant DNA Isolation

John Marcus J.Marcus at
Wed Mar 1 23:09:31 EST 1995

In article <Mail.2.000B0612 at>, Mail at says:
>I have a couple of questions about preps for isolating plant DNA. First, how 
>do you get the CTAB and PVPP to dissolve in the CTAB extraction buffer? Or is 
>it even supposed to?? 
>Secondly, would someone post or send me the recipe for the extraction buffer 
>used by Dellaporta et al. in their prep in the Maize Handbook. I've used that 
>in the past and it worked just fine, so I may switch back. Obviously, I don't 
>have my protocol with me.
>Nadine Henderson
>Scottish Crop Research Institute
>fibnh at
I don't think the PVPP is meant to dissolve.  During the
extraction process phenolics from your plant material will 
bind to the suspension of PVPP.  When you centrifuge the 
extract later, your PVPP will settle out and you should 
not have a problem with phenolics.  Hope that helps.
John Marcus

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