Mam. Exp. Vector

Masayuki Yoshida myoshida at BUSTOFF.BWH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Mar 1 09:31:24 EST 1995

Hi, there

I'm looking for mammalian expression vector that I can use to transfect
transiently into bovine aortic endothelial cells.  So far, I used pCDM8,
pCDNAI, pCDNAIII, but could not get good level of expression (although they
work fairly well in COS-7, or NIH3T3 cells..)
If you have any suggestion that would be great!!

Thanks in advance.

--Masayuki Yoshida, M.D.
Vascular Research Division,
Dep. Pathology,
Brigham & Women's Hospital,
Harvard Medical School

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Masayuki Yoshida,M.D.,
Dep. Pathology,
Brigham and Women's Hospital,
221 Longwood Ave. LMRC-Rm406,
Boston, MA 02115

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