DNA elution from gels

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Thu Mar 2 15:45:47 EST 1995

In article <D4rzIz.F75 at rockyd.rockefeller.edu>, "Dr. Kent L. Nastiuk" <nastiuk at rockvax.rockefeller.edu> writes:
>leach at bu.edu (Martin D. Leach) wrote:
>> In article <QIAGEN-270295133110 at>, QIAGEN at kaiwan.com (QIAGEN) wrote:
>> Isn't this blatant advertising...If all suppliers of products for this
>> type of procedure was allowed to post we would be overrun....
>> Martin

>I don't agree. I do dislike 'spamming' or even more directed commercial messages,
>but in this case, it was a specific answer to a specific question.
>I think this is a good thing for this newsgroup, and should be encouraged.

No way!

I have to agree with Martin here. There should be no advertising at all
on this group. As he said, if all the suppliers started posting, we'd be 
swamped. I can grab an issue of Biotechniques or something if I wanted to 
know what kind of products are out there. This newsgroups gives me the 
nitty-gritty details of molecular techniques. Advertisers will only tell
us how wonderful their product is. If it's that great, someone else will
mention it. 

Gina Berardesco
4700gbera at umbsky.cc.umb.edu
University of Massachusetts, Boston

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