Anti P-Ser/P-Thr Antibodies

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Thu Mar 2 09:06:38 EST 1995

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> Anti P-Ser and P-Thr antibodies are available from Sigma. However, they are
> quite new and I have not used them yet. It would be very interesting to know
> if they are comparable in specifity and affinity to the very good anti P-Tyr
> antibodies which are now commercially available from different companies. 
> Maybe anybody else can comment on this?
> Gerard Drewes
> Max Planck Unit for Structural Molecular Biology
> DESY, Hamburg 22603, Germany

IMHO, the antibodies (PSR-45) are too expensive with too low a specific
activity. Phosphoamino analysis of P-32 labeled bands which are not
labeled with phosphotyrosine antibodies in Westerns is maybe still the
least frustrating approach. Another possibility maybe the use of purified
phosphotyrosine phosphatases to degrade the tyrosine-associated P32-label,
followed by SDS-PAGE and autoradiography. Does this sound feasible?
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