Anti P-Ser/P-Thr Antibodies

Lani Louise Longenecker llongen at
Wed Mar 1 14:06:43 EST 1995

I used the P-Ser and P-Thr antibodies from Sigma about a year or a year 
and a half ago.  In our hands they did not work well for Western blots - 
they seemed very dirty and looked much like a Coomassie stain in terms of 
the number of bands.  This was in spite of what should have been adequate 
blocking, etc.  We have had excellent luck with P-Tyr from several 
different manufacturers for Westerns and immunoprecipitations.  Basically 
we decided that the P-Ser and P-Thr Abs were not worth our time in there 
present state.  Hopefully someone will come out with a new, cleaner 
clone, but until then our lab will stay away.

Bill Paxton 
Grad Student
Emory Univ.

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