TA Cloning and screening

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> I am currently working on a TA cloning project.  We've looked through a 
> few "TA cloning kits" and noticed that Promega sell their kit at $66.00 
> and Invitrogen sells at appx. $200.00 for the same amount of kit.  
> According to the maps provided, the only two major differences between 
> the kits are 1. the multiple cloning sites and 2. no Kan res. in Promega 
> plasmid.  We have decided to purchase the Promega kit, but I would like 
> to know from people who have worked with either one or both kits if there 
> are major differences in protocol or efficiencies, etc.  
> Also, we plan to screen for inserts with Screen Test Recomb. Screen Kit 
> by Stratagene.  Has anyone used this kit and perhaps could make some 
> input as far as how efficient this kit is?
> All inputs are appreciated.

having used or been in a lab where was used both kits, I would say
 there is no appreciable difference between them. At the moment we use
Promega's PGEM-T, and have no problems with getting results.

I should note that we use electroporation for transformation at quite
high efficiency.


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