alternative to silver stain?

Christopher B. Yohn cyohn at
Thu Mar 2 12:08:14 EST 1995

I'm looking for a technique to stain proteins after 2D IEF/SDS-PAGE. 
Coomasie is not sensitive enough for my use.  I tried silver staining but
the particular protein I'm most interested in seeing does not stain well
with silver.  I've found in the past that silver is a bit more picky (than
coomasie) about what proteins it will or will not stain.

I've seen kits to copper stain protein gels (inverse stain, actually). 
Are these less selective about which proteins they stain?  How does their
sensitivity compare to coomasie and silver?  Has anyone used other
alternatives which I could check out?  Any info/tips on copper staining or
other sensitive protein stains would be appreciated.  TIA.

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