Kinase Substrate Sequences

Thu Mar 2 15:12:06 EST 1995

brien at (PJOB) wrote

> Hi all,
> Is there an online source (or recent reference in the lit.) that details
> the recognition sequences for ser/thr kinases, or a program that recognizes
> them in a polypeptide sequence?

> Peter O'Brien

In volume 200 (1991) of the Methods in Enzymology series is a review article
by Tony Hunter dealing with site recognition motifs (I do not know if there is
a more recent review or an updated version). You can scan sequences for
such motifs with useful programs like "Scansim" or "Pesearch/Qgsearch" from the
PCGENE package. "Prosite" scans for PKC-like signatures (and maybe more in the
newest version?).

Gerard Drewes
Max Planck Structural Molecular Biology Unit
DESY, Hamburg 22607, Germany  

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