In vitro transcription ......

r3211001 r3211001 at
Thu Mar 2 06:25:30 EST 1995

Dear netter,

    I want to find out the cis-regulatory elements of an oocyte-specifically 
expressed gene. Because of some technique problems, I cannot transfect the 
reporter constructs into the living cells. My advisor told me to use 'in 
vitro transcription assay' in cell extracts. I've tried several times, 
but it did not work.

    Does anyone have experiences about my experiment, such like the 
preparation of cell extracts, in vitro transcrition assay or so? Would 
you please tell me any suggestion? 
 Che-Chia Tsao                         E-mail: r3211001 at
 Graduate Institute of Biochemical Science,
 National Taiwan University
 Taipei, Taiwan ROC

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