Seeking ß-Gal plasmid with nuclear targeting signal!

Sigrid Lehnert sigrid at
Thu Mar 2 23:57:27 EST 1995

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> Hi there!
> I'm looking for a plasmid with a lacZ / nuclear targeting signal
> fusion. Since I will discriminate transfected ß-Gal activity from
> lysosomal internal ß-Gal activity such a plasmid would help me in
> this approach. Can someone help me?
> Thanks in advance!
> Michael
Dear Michael,

there are a number of such constructs around but one that has been made
available to me and works well both intransfected cells and transgenic
mice is Seong-Seng Tan's nuclear targeted lacZ plasmid. Reference: Tan,
S.-S. Dev. Biol. 146, 24-37 (1991). 

Viel Glueck!  Sigrid

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