Re-using hybridisation solutions containing double-stranded probes?

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Thu Mar 2 23:17:11 EST 1995

: Has anybody ever tried re-using plaque hybridisation solutions containing
: 32P-labeled double stranded probes? It would mean a significant reduce in
: radioactive waste and expensive stuff like salmon sperm DNA and deionized
: formamide. I am thinking about simply storing the used solution in the freezer
: and then denature the DNA and the probe again by boiling for ten minutes before
: the next use.
: Thanks for any suggestions...

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Hey, why don't you give it a go and tell us the results?
I would love to know the results because I'm a measly
Honours student and A$1000/year limit applies to me.
It is not very much for mol. biology
and I would like to save money where I can save.
You know that the filter can be re-probed again and again,
so I hope you will go ahead and tell us the results!

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