Collegen assays

a.vijayan ort020 at
Thu Mar 2 14:30:05 EST 1995

Dear friends,

Recently I became involved in skin dermis extracellular matrix proteins and
their effect on fibroblast proliferation. Presently we are employing a method to
extract these proteins sequentially with different electrolytes such as water, saline,citrate buffer
etc. The SDS-PAGE of the citrate buffer extract shows that it contains higher
molecular weight proteins. We suspect that a dublet could be collagen. 
I have four basic questions.

1. What is the typical electrophoretic behaviour of type1 collagen on SDS-PAGE?

2. Is there any reliable assays for collagen other than hydroxyprolineassay or
SIRCOL assy. I prefer a simple biochemical assay. 

3. The standard collagen run on SDS-PAGE gave more than a doublet close to
100Kda and above. Does it imply that the standard is impure?

4. How the solubility of collagen is controlled by pH conditions. Could anybody
suggest me some relevant references?

Some people might think how stupid I am, but I feel how stupid I will be if I
don't ask you at all.

Thank you. 


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