Can you "fix" agarose gels?

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> >I was wondering if anyone knows of a method for fixing DNA in an agaose
> >gel so you can look at it and photograph the gel a day or two after
> >running it?  Thanks for any help.
> >Dan Settles
> I use a solution of 12% TCA (trichloroacetic acid) to precipitate DNA in
> agarose gels. This may provide a solution to your problem, however even though
> this precipitates the DNA out into the gel I do not know whether it prevents 
> degradation of the DNA.
> I hope this is of some help.
> Sarah Perfect

You can stain DNA in agarose gel with a silver-stain and dry the gel in a
gel dryer. Or you can transfer the ethidium-bromide stained DNA onto
or any other mambrane and visualize the membrane in UV light.


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