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>                       I am using a Molecular Dynamics Phosphorimager to 
> obtain quantitative data from northern blots. I have a couple of questions 
> that other users around me have been unable to answer to my satisfaction.

>                       My second question regards the production of a 
> publication quality hardcopy of the image. I vaguely remember some discussion 
> on this newsgroup about this a long time ago.If I remember rightly the best 
> solution anybody offered was to expose the blot to an autorad. after exposure 
> to the phosphor screen and photograph it. 


Try this:
   - scan cassette at the highest resolution (88 microns)
   - bring the image into your favorite TIFF-friendly draw program,
   - print on 600 dpi laserprinter (we use HP 4M+) using glossy HP plotter paper
   - (it is still better to do an autorad and scan at 300 dpi, though. 
These come out even better than the "Phosporimages" using the
glossy-paper-trick. At first glance you can't tell it from a photo print.)

   [I can't take credit for this, it was suggested by the Molecular
Dynamics tech rep who came to demo a Fluorimager we didn't buy]

Peter Heifetz
Duke University
Developmental, Cell, and Molecular Biology Group

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