Slow PhosphoImager

Bernard Khoo WCI bcek1 at
Thu Mar 2 13:16:46 EST 1995

Our Molecular Dynamics PhosphoImager (2 years old) has slowed down to the point
of near-unusuability. For example, just printing a simple quantitation report
can take up to 5 mins, printing a (terrible) hard copy can take up to 30 mins
and scanning a quarter of a large plate takes up to 30 mins. This problem has 
been creeping on us for some time now.

What exactly is the problem here? I suspect that hard disk fragmentation may be
the problem, but can anybody else suggest what I can check on the machine
before I defrag the disk. Of course, what will be the hassle will be backing up
the hard disk before doing so.

TIA for any help...

Bernard Khoo   Wellcome/CRC Institute, Cambridge, UK.
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