Transgenic mice; is it easy or difficult?

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Fri Mar 3 01:49:39 EST 1995

Hi Colleagues;

As an expert for making transgenic mice I wonder how many people 
want to make their own transgenic mice and how easy or difficult for 

I am the director of transgenic mouse core in Mt. Sinai Medical 
School. For me making a transgenic mice is a piece of cake. However, 
sometimes I feel very sorry for some people who come to me. They 
think making transgenic mice is really a big deal and planned for 
years to make them. Of course you should be very careful in 
planning, cause, some part it is true that  making transgenic mice is 
not so easy.  But, if you are too cautious you can not make transgenic 
mice forever.

Last year one of my technicians  injected 40 constructs and made 
more than 150 positive founder mice. Considering he just started 
learning techniques last year and worked with me for doing another 
project (knock outing), I assume, a person can inject at least 100 
construct per year and can make around 400 strains. Surely you 
don't need that much. However, I just want to share the information 
with the people out there who are doing related job and if possible I 
want to open this facilities to the outsiders.

If you provide me following information it will really be appreciated.

1. Does your institution provide the transgenic or knock outing 

2. If yes, how many peoples are working there?

3. If no, how do you make transgenic mice?

4. How much you pay for making 1 transgenic strain?

5. How long it takes if you give them the construct till you get 
positive founder?

If you have any other comment it is welcomed.

Thanks a lot

Chulho Kang
Wizard of transgenic mice.

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