Request for Site directed mutagenesis Protocols (PCR)

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Fri Mar 3 01:07:10 EST 1995

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>We are about to embark on making a number of site directed mutants and
>I greatly appreciate any comments people have on PCR methods to do
>this. Are there some protocols that reliably work for people which you
>can recommend.
>Michael Benedik               benedik at
>Biochemical Sciences
>University of Houston
>Houston, TX 77204-5934

I used to use several methods. Among them Promega Altered mutagenesis system
was the best. (If it is wrong sorry for my ignorance. This is because I haven't
tried possibly better methods). 

I don't know the real best one buit I know the real worst one.
If you want to know send me e-mail.

Chulho Kang

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