SDS Removal

Houthaeve Tony houthaeve at
Fri Mar 3 07:27:05 EST 1995

>      I'm working with a hemolytic protein and routinely use RBC 
overlays of native gels to visualize activity.  What I would like to 
do is now run SDS polyacrylamide gels and overlay them with RBCs but I
 need some advice on how
to get rid of the SDS.  I tried washing one gel with a soln containing
casein hydrolysate (the original recipe called for casein) but saw 
lysis in all protein areas then saw complete lysis throughout the 
overlay.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>                                       Thanks in advance,
>                                       Jan

Why not blot your protein onto Nitrocellulose, wash and overlay with
RBC? Should be easier...

Tony Houthaeve

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