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> Hi there, this is a first-time post so please bear with me.
> A while ago I read on this group that someone was using a combination of
> ampicillin and methicillin in their LB plates to select for E. coli
> transformants. This was a cheaper alternative than using carbenicillin.
> I've ordered the methicillin but can't remember what concentrations of
> each to use!  
> Could someone please help? Thanks.
> Kevin C. Graham, M.Sc. (Masters of Saccharomyces cerevisiae) student
> Dept of Human Genetics
> U of Manitoba
> Winnipeg, MB
> email:kgraham at

I make a 500x soln of 25mg/ml Amp and 40mg/ml Met in water. I started
doing this while playing with Stratagene's PCR cloning kit... they
claim this reduces satellites. I've continued using both drugs when I
make up LB plates, and in o/n cx's but I have to admit, I'm not sure I
really see a significant difference +/- Met.


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