Microcentrifuge for Mol. Biol. -Best?

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Fri Mar 3 16:52:43 EST 1995

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, Tracy Aquilla wrote:

> In Article <95054.203428MAYL at QUCDN.QueensU.CA>, <MAYL at QUCDN.QueensU.CA> wrote:
> >I agree, the IEC MicroMax is probably the best one out
> >there right now. Ours is in use constantly. BUT, in
> >the two years we've had it, it has also needed to be
> >sent in for repairs twice. Once the control panel died,
> >and once the locking mechanism snapped..whereas our old
> >, loud eppendorfs have been working without fail for 5
> >years.
> I've had even worse luck with IEC microfuges. If you had to send it in once
> per year for repairs, why would you recomend for someone else to buy one?
> What's so great about it, other than that it's quiet? Eppendorf microgfuges
> are much more reliable than IEC, IMO. If you want a microfuge that actually
> works when you need it, I don't recomend buying one from IEC.
>     tracy

I will be purchasing a microfuge soon also and would like to know what 
the general consensus is. In my experience, the Eppendorf microfuge has 
not been reliable. One has been repaired twice and is now dead (2 year 
life span) and the other is making some "funny" noises. I received a 
magazine not too long ago, sort of like a Consumer Report guide for 
science instruments. It is buried somewhere but I remember an article 
comparing microcentrifuges. I'll try to dig it up. I wonder if the mag 
has already folded. I sent in the reply card, but have heard nothing 
Brick Ayola, Ph.D.
Tulane School of Medicine

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