200 microliter m'fuge tube storage racks

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> Peter,
> There's certainly a need for these 200 ul tube racks! Costar's tube
> holder doesn't work (looks like a heavy microtiter plate without
> bottoms) because the tubes stick out the bottom, making them
> nonstackable (and hurling the tubes out of the holder if you set it
> down too fast!)
> I've thought about getting some blocks of foam (like the green kind
> you stick flower arrangments into), cutting it to size, and sticking
> the tubes right in packed as closely as feasible. What do you think
> (I haven't had time to go buy it yet)? 

I always used simple plastic sample collection racks. They are closed on
the bottom, and each rack has 5x15 slots. They will fit both 1.5 ml and
200 ul tubes. Unfortunately, I don't know who makes them; I always just
picked them up from the stock room.

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