Kinase Substrate Sequences

Jim Woodgett jwoodget at
Fri Mar 3 14:10:07 EST 1995

> brien at (PJOB) wrote: 
> > Is there an online source (or recent reference in the lit.) that 
> > details the recognition sequences for ser/thr kinases, or a program 
> > that recognizes them in a polypeptide sequence? 
> In volume 200 (1991) of the Methods in Enzymology series is a 
> review article by Tony Hunter dealing with site recognition motifs (I 
> do not know if there is a more recent review or an updated version). 
> You can scan sequences for such motifs with useful programs like 
> "Scansim" or "Pesearch/Qgsearch" from the PCGENE package. "Prosite" 
> scans for PKC-like signatures (and maybe more in the newest version?). 

The Chapter in ME is a good source.  The author, Bruce Kemp, also wrote a 
"Protein Motifs" article in TIBS, September 1990, page 342 if you don't have 
access to ME.  In addition, Bruce wrote a Chapter in a book on protein kinases 
describing the role of pseudosubstrates, etc which just came out as part of 
the IRL Press Frontiers in Molecular Biology series (commercial break on - 
since I edited the book, I declare a conflict of interest - but it is a really 
useful book if you want an up-to-date, all-in-one resource for protein kinases 
- commercial break over).

Jim Woodgett

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