Fri Mar 3 11:59:53 EST 1995

Any PCR experts out there?

RE Taq poymerase error rates whats the mechanism behind them ? 

1) Does the enzyme just misincorporate a base ? Does it carry on after 
   the mistake ?
2) I've heard at a recent conference that TAQ falls off DNA after 50-60
   bases and that another TAQ will join on and complete the synthesis 
   is this true ? I've also read on the net that TAQ appears to make 
   more errors at the start of the synthesis ie when it first adheres to 
   the DNA strands is this true ?
   If the above are correct then isn't this a more likely explaination 
   of TAQ error than the enzyme just getting 'confused' and inserting a
   wrong base ?
3) What happens when TAQ comes across a damaged nucleotide or an adduct?
   Does it stop? carry on and insert a wrong base? and what do the 
   proofreading TAQ's do in this situation?

If these questions have already been asked and answered could someone
point me in the direction of a good reference.
Better still if any of the above statements are incorrect could you 
please say so.



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