Microcentrifuge for Mol. Biol. -Best?

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> I will be purchasing a microfuge soon also and would like to know what 
> the general consensus is. In my experience, the Eppendorf microfuge has 
> not been reliable.


Just my 2¢ worth (in Canadian funds, of course ;-)

My vote goes for the Sorvall MC12V variable speed model. We've got ours
running with a F-12/M.18 rotor (holds 18 1.5 ml tubes, 12000 rpm max).
Rotor comes with a screw-tight lid for centrifuging of those hazardous
samples and the machine features a pulse-run button. Runs quiet and no
major problems with brushes, locks, speed/time dials or drive in over 3
years of constant use.

Usual disclaimers apply.


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