DNA Fingerprinting - Simpson Trial

George Lin lingc at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Fri Mar 3 11:12:01 EST 1995

Richard E. Showalter (show at agouron.com) wrote:


: not been in use in Forensics long enough to meet many of the TWAGDAM
: guidelines(A set of criteria that must be met for any new DNA typing
: system to be used in Forensics.) before this trial.  As far as the O.J.

TWGDAM stands for Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods.  
This set of criteria was developed in 1989 by a commitee composed of 
those who work in the forensics field.  Cellmark Diagnostics, the lab 
responsible for the OJ DNA samples, is one of the few labs that is 
accredited by TWGDAM.  In fact, I  think it may be one of the two labs in 
the nation that is accredited.  


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