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> Dear netter,
>     I want to find out the cis-regulatory elements of an oocyte-specifically 
> expressed gene. Because of some technique problems, I cannot transfect the 
> reporter constructs into the living cells. My advisor told me to use 'in 
> vitro transcription assay' in cell extracts. I've tried several times, 
> but it did not work.
How about injecting supercoiled reporter constructs into the
oocytes...e.g. lacZ and assaying them...

alternatively...use a luciferase construct...and see if the oocytes glow
in the dark (scintillation counter with attached single photon monitor
would be a good choice for using a whole vial of oocytes) upon addition of
Lucifierin (K+ salt) - 5mM ? correct me.


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