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betts at ORION.ETSU.EDU (GORDON BETTS) writes:

>This note is primarily directed to corporate-types involved in the fields of
>research/development.  Students frequently come to me asking just what
>skills they need to enter the job market.  I can tell them a lot of skills
>they need, but I'm an academic-type, not a real-world person.  I also need
>some ammunition from you that I can show administrators.  They are even more
>isolated from the real world than I am and think a student can get any job
>in the world simply by flashing their diploma.  WRONG!  Some info that would
>help me (and others I'm sure) would include:

Well, I'm a "corporate type".  I'll try to help you out a bit.  I've been 
involved in protein chemistry/biochemistry/pharmaceutical chemistry, etc.

I agree, a lot of kids get out of school with a BS (or an MS, orPhD for 
that matter) and really do feel that even thoujgh they are relatively 
clueless, we somehow ought to find it in our hearts to hire them.

I feel that useable skills are somewhat underemphasized in our universities.
>1. Specific types of equipment you use. 

pH meters, electrodes of all sorts, conductivity meters, HPLC, low 
pressure (FPLC), concentrators, centrifuges, fermenters, GC's, Mass 
Specs., electrophoresis, etc.

>2. Specific types of skills.

Statistical analysis, analytical chemistry, experimental design, 
microbiology, protein chemistry, etc.

>3. Notes on types of training you would like to see in the person with a
>fresh BS.

See 2.

>4. SOB stories on training/expenses required to get a new employee with
>little experience up to speed in your labs.

Too many to list here.
>5. Ideas on how to solve these problems.

See 3.

>6. Anything else I haven't thought of.

>Your assistance and ideas are greatly appreciated.
>Gordon Betts
>Biology Dept.
>East Texas State University
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