heteroplasmy of cloning vectors

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In article <D4vEHG.Krn at info.swan.ac.uk>, G Jenkins writes:
>This may be a stupid question but it occured to me this week whilst I
>was trying to clone a PCR product. Is it possible for transfomed cells 
>to be heteroplasmic, i.e. to contain different species of plasmid perhaps
>one type with an insert and one without? 

Rather more typical is that your colony is contaminated with another one,
that grew close on the plate. If you want to be sure, re-streak your cells
to get well-separated colonies and isolate DNA from those. A still safer way
is to re-transform about 1 ng of the miniprep DNA and plate dilutions so as
to get less than 100 colonies on a plate ( they will be well separated ). It
is a rather unlikely case that your cell received more than one plasmid upon
transformation, unless you exceeded recommended DNA to cells ratio ( less than
10 ng per 200 ul  cells). Cheers,
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