Microcentrifuge for Mol. Biol. -Best?

Brick Ayola abrick at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu
Sat Mar 4 12:08:18 EST 1995

Bio Consumer Review "The Independent Journal of Biotech Products" had an 
article entitled "Award Winning Microfuges under $1000" (Volume 1, Issue 
1, Sept/Oct 1994). The article written by Michael S. Kobrin, Ph.D. tested 
9 different microfuges. While he states "there were no hands-down 
winners" the awards for excellence were for Koala-TY (Accurate Chemical), 
VSMC-13 (Shelton Scientific), and MicroV (Fisher). Of the 9, I am not 
familiar with any. Has anyone used the above models mentioned? I would be 
interested to know how long of a life span they have. Clearly, a magazine 
such as this is valuable. I sent in the reply card for continued 
subscription but have heard nothing. Does anyone know if they still exist?
Brick Ayola, Ph.D.
Tulane School of Medicine

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