EtBr staining: A third option

Sun Mar 5 04:46:58 EST 1995

I used a third option, but cannot say it will work 100%.  U can add very dilute
d EtBr (maybe with the loading solution), and reduce the total amount of EtBr a
 1000 fold. By adding 1ul EtBr(1:1000) from the recommended consentration gave
me strong bands.  For comparison, I will add 2ul for a 40ml gel of the 1:1 solu
  I anly tried this a couple of time so far since I stopped runing gels for a m
onth. Be glad to hear other people's opinion.

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>>It seems to me there are two options for visualizing DNA in agarose gels:
>>run a gel with EtBr in the gel or staining the gel after the run.  What are
>>the relative merits of the two methods?
>Running a gel with EtBr requires less total EtBr, and it is not so messy.
>Also, you don't have to wait those extra five minutes to get your data ;-)
>The only problem is that your gelbox will be contaminated with EtBr.
>If you stain the gel after the run, your gelbox will stay clean , and you
>can reuse the EtBr Solution.
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