digital gel documentation

Johnny Wharton johnnyjw at
Sun Mar 5 19:22:00 EST 1995

We need to set up a Mac-based gel documentation system.  We figure that a
high-res monochrome CCD camera with appropriate filters, feeding into a
frame-grabber like the Scion LG-3, with either Photoshop or NIH-Image software,
should provide a user-friendly alternative to the (expensive) commercial
packages.  Does anyone have any experience of setting up such a system?  Our
early experiments show us that the filters are critical, to prevent the camera
being swamped by light from the transilluminator, and that the Mac video system
that's packaged with LC630s is not up to the job.  We've also yet to find a
suitable greyscale printer - the Mitsubishi videoframe printers don't seem
particularly Mac-compatible.  Any ideas/solutions appreciated.

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