DNA Fingerprinting - Simpson Trial

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> TWGDAM stands for Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods.  
> This set of criteria was developed in 1989 by a commitee composed of 
> those who work in the forensics field.  Cellmark Diagnostics, the lab 
> responsible for the OJ DNA samples, is one of the few labs that is 
> accredited by TWGDAM.  In fact, I  think it may be one of the two labs in 
> the nation that is accredited.  

I believe that the accreditation process you are refering to is actually
conducted by ASCLD is it not?  (Amercian Society of Crime Lab Directors.) 
Calif. DOJ DNA crime lab recieved it's accreditation from this group
shortly before I left there in 1993 and yes, Cellmark Diagnostics is also
accredited by ASCLD.  I did not think that TWGDAM conducted the
accredition process itself.  At least I was not aware of it.  In order to
get ASCLD accreditation, your lab must be adhering to the TWGDAM
guidelines as well as other basic Forensic guidelines setup by ASCLD. You
are right in that very few labs have this accreditation in DNA testing and
CAL-DNA was very proud to have recieved it.  I do not think that is was
coincidence that it was these two labs that were chosen to persue the DNA
testing in this case.

Again just my $.02 worth.

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