Philip OBrien obrien at CSUVAX1.MURDOCH.EDU.AU
Mon Mar 6 00:42:34 EST 1995

Wea are trying to isolate microsatellite sequences from Phytophthora for 
use as markers in population biology and ecological studies.  We would 
like to sequence the flanking sequences from a number of m'sat sequences 
and use specific PCR reactions to these sequences.  We have enriched 
phytophthora DNA for m'sat sequences "in vitro" and shown that the 
fraction is enriched.  The enriched DNA is then cloned into pUC18 and the 
ligation products transformed into XL1 blue which is recA negative.  When 
we screen the colonies for m'sat clones we find none.  We have found this 
with two m'sats, AAC and GGT.  We would appreciate any feedback from 
people who may have had similar problems.

Phil O'Brien
School of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Murdoch University
Murdoch WA 6150 AUSTRALIA
obrien at csuvax1.murdoch.edu.au

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