Genomic DNA from cells (re: Kits)

Dr Keith Anthony Grimaldi regokag at
Sun Mar 5 14:11:15 EST 1995

Recently somebody was asking about kits for isolating genomic DNA from
mammalian tissue. In my lab we have recently developed a very simple, quick,
'single-tube' method for isolating DNA. It can handle up to 3-5 million cells
in a single eppendorf tube. The DNA isolated is of high MW, and has been use
for restriction digestion, quantitative and ordinary PCR, and Southern
blotting. It is simple and most of all v.v. cheap.Its submitted to
Biotechniques, but if anyone is interested I can Email the text. My address is 
k.grimaldi at
        Keith Grimaldi
        Dept. Oncology
        University College London       TEL: (0)171-636-8333  ext:3419
        91, Ridinghouse Street

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