Q:Does Gene Clean interfere with ligation?

Yi, Xiaoming Z3C20 at ttacs3.ttu.edu
Mon Mar 6 21:52:42 EST 1995

Hi, netters,

I have been trying to ligate a double digested PCR fragment onto a double
dogested vector. Since i was using a very long primer(500bp), the yield was
low. So, I did not do EtOH precipetation after I did Gene Clean to the gel
slice. I found no transformants on the plate. I am thinking the DNA I had
contained a little "New wash" solution(about 1/6), it interfered with the
digestion or lugation, since I could see a light band on the agarose gel when I
ran half of my PCR reaction, I assume I had enough DNA for transformation.

Thank You.

Xiaoming Yi
z3c20 at ttacs.ttu.edu

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