human neurofilament (NF-H)

Randall J. Cohrs COHRS-R at
Mon Mar 6 12:55:10 EST 1995

Hi -

I am tring to amplify about 600 bp at the 3'-end of the gene for
human heavy neurofilament subunit (NF-H), a transcript specific for 

I got the cDNA sequence form a Blast search, primers made by 
Gibco-BRL, Taq from Promega, normal human DNA from an autopsy, did a 
Mg check, PCR conditions were 94C for 30 sec, 55C for 30 sec, 72 for 
60 sec X 35 cycles, transfered the gel and probed it with an end-labeled,
 internally located oligo.

I got nothing.

Any hints ?

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