Plasmid Diagrams

Karen Usdin ku at
Mon Mar 6 18:20:06 EST 1995

Neil Harris <nh3 at> wrote:
> I'm about to draw diagrams to demonstrate the construction of a plasmid I 
> have recently finished and need some Mac compatible software to generate 
> some nice pictures with restriction sites etc. Rather than spend money on 
> obtaining such a program, I was wondering whether anyone knows if 
> anything is available via the world wide web?

The precommercial version of DNA Strider should be available from many sites
on the net. Try ftp to Strider allows you to 
generate restriction maps very easily if you have the sequence of the plasmid.
I might be wrong but I think that annotation of plasmid features e.g. gene 
positions is not easy with this program. The precommercial version of 
MacPlasmap (Shareware) on the other hand is useful for drawing plasmids if you
don't have the sequence. You do have to enter the sites manually, but 
annotations are relatively simple.

Hope this helps

Karen Usdin

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