Definition: Saturation Mutagenesis

Eric C. Anderson anderson at
Mon Mar 6 18:27:33 EST 1995

i have a question that may or may not belong here but i can't think of a
better place, so...

does anyone know the "accepted" definition of saturation mutagenesis?  for
our purposes, the working definition that we've been using has been
mutating all amino acids in evolutionarily conserved domains of our gene of
interest.  we know that's not "correct," but it has served a purpose.  now
that the student who is doing the work is writing a paper, we want to find
out what the accepted definition of the phrase is.

so far, all i've been able to find in the way of a definition or
description came from Lewin's Geves IV where they consider it the mutation
of every nucleotide in a particular region.  my personal vote would be for
mutating every amino acid to something different, preferably not a
conservative change.

are either of these close?  any suggestions on where to look?  does such a
thing exist?

thanks in advance,

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