Precut nylon hybridization membranes?

Dr. Kent L. Nastiuk nastiuk at
Tue Mar 7 20:40:15 EST 1995

jkortes at (Jarkko Kortesmaa) wrote:
> We have been using nitrocellulose filters for hybridization experiments.
> Nylon membranes, however, would be more durable and last many more rounds of
> hybridization. 
> The question is if there is a manufacturer that makes nylon membranes that
> are precut to the sizes of most common culture dishes (9 cm, 11 cm,...) ?
> Thanks a lot. 
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I'm pretty sure most companies do.  i have personally used precut nylon filters
from bio-rad, s&s, and NEN.  i prefer the NEN filters

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