Plasmid Maps

R. John Lye rjl6n at
Tue Mar 7 07:29:53 EST 1995

Karen Usdin wrote:
> The precommercial version of DNA Strider should be available from many sites
> on the net. Try ftp to Strider allows you to 
> generate restriction maps very easily if you have the sequence of the plasmid.
> I might be wrong but I think that annotation of plasmid features e.g. gene 
> positions is not easy with this program. The precommercial version of 
> MacPlasmap (Shareware) on the other hand is useful for drawing plasmids if you
> don't have the sequence. You do have to enter the sites manually, but 
> annotations are relatively simple.

My question:  Does anyone have recommendations for similar Windows
software - preferably shareware or at least inexpensive?  I've got
the demo of GeneRunner but its a bit more expensive than I'd like
at $399 (for the educational "discount"). 


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